Route 1Α: Sifneikos Gialos – Vourna Cape (Αkrotiri Vourna)

At Voreina

Theme: Natural heritage

Connection with other routes: Route 1 and 3.

Useful Information: The overall duration of the Route is 1 hr & 30 min forth and back, as it is the same trail that will get you back at the starting point. The trail becomes rough at some points, so trekking poles are recommended for that reason. Route 1A should be combined with Route 1 as a complementary trail for the visitor to get a first taste of Antiparos. 


By completing the first kilometer of this Route, you will have reached the northern cape of Antiparos called “Voreina” or “Vourna”, named after its point of direction. It constitutes an isolated shelter for the visitor looking to explore the island. It is recommended to reach the chapel of Stavros, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kato Fyra (Diplo) and Pano Fyra (Kavouras) islets. Standing at that point of view, you can perceive the shallow waters connecting them, offering a unique experience of hiking along the in-depth lagoon crossing from one islet to another. Reaching at the end of the Route, it would totally worth your while, as you will have the chance to dive into the crystal clear waters of a beautiful and secluded beach. 




The most familiar feature in the landscape of Cyclades are the chapels. Beneath the bright blue sky, they are emerging peaceful and all-white. A panoramic view of the serene and cozy northern part of the island is extended all over the courtyard of the small church of Stavros.


The rocky, barren land of the cape hosts brushwood; short bushes with prickly branches adapted to summer droughts. Their natural defense mechanism against droughts makes them considerable allies to fight desertification phenomena threatening many once fertile areas in Greece. Their main characteristic is the seasonal dimorphism (small leaves during summer, big ones during winter) which helps them to adjust the pace of water loss through transpiration!