How many thematic tours can an island of 38 square kilometers accommodate?

ANTIPAROS ROUTES Tour Network is a tour mosaic made of various “pebbles”: the cave with the oldest stalagmite

of 45 million years old, the volcanic and eroded rocks, the indigenous vines for wines and the grape harvest,  the migrating

birds’ wetlands, the island’s mining history, the centenarian junipers (the genus Juniperus), the castle and the traditional

settlement, the top of Prophitis Ilias’ hill from which you can admire the view of 15 islands, the windmills, the fest that takes

place in Faneromeni’s small church, the famous camping and finally the sunset.


For the construction of the Network, pathways, old roads, narrow and steep roads, agricultural dirt roads, roads serving

mining activities and woody dirt roads were included and used.

These thematic tours offered by ANTIPAROS ROUTES Network bring the visitor closer to all hidden places in Antiparos

and reveal both the natural and cultural heritage of the island!

ANTIPAROS ROUTES Network comprises various thematic routes suitable for trekking and cycling activities: