Theme: Georoute

Kakia Skala

Route 6: Megala Monastiria- Kakia Skala

Connection with other routes: Route 6A, 6B and Route 5


Useful information:

In 19th century, there has been an intense research for ores at the Monastiria area. “Kakia Skala” has been the major mining zone, where the French Company of Lavrion has deployed a systematic operating program for ore exploitation. The excavated ore was the so-called “kalamina”, a mineral ore of zinc (smithsonite). At the wider area of Monastiria-Bougiouka, the main extracted ore was lead. The remnants of the quarry process, such as extracted materials and various structures, prove the intense mining activity of the area. This Route can be considered as a “living laboratory” for mineralogy and petrology, as manganese oxides and iron oxides occur in the surface environment throughout the trail.


Useful information:

This Route is complementary to Route 5 and by completion you can choose to follow Route 6A or 6B with destination the chapel of Profitis Ilias or the settlement of Agios Georgios respectively. If you choose to combine the Routes 6A, 6B and 7, you can also make a small detour to Route 6 and get into Antiparos’ mining history.

The route is also suitable for mountain biking and its level of difficulty is Intermediate.