Theme: Natural heritage

Mountainous road

Route 7: Profitis Ilias - Agios Georgios (Kampia)

Connection with other routes: Route 6B, 6A and Route 8


Short Description:

This Route develops in a pathway full of clusters of coniferous and maquis vegetation. The term “maquis vegetation” is used to describe evergreen broadleaf bushes, which constitute a typical Mediterranean ecosystem. These clusters are created at low and medium altitudes, mainly on a limestone bedrock. In particular, dense clusters of Pistacia Lentiscus (Skinos) and Juniperus phoenicea (Fida) are also encountered. This path was convenient when travelling by mules towards and from Agios Georgios’ settlement through the ridge of Kampia. It is part of the main axis connecting the southern with the northern part of the island, called “Pano Dromos, the mountainous one”.

Next to the path’s development axis, you will encounter a vertical excavation (well), a remnant of the mining activity of silver galena in the northern part of ​​Agios Georgios’ settlement. It is suggested that you admire this kind of excavation, while keeping a distance from it and not to bend over to explore its depth!

Useful information:

This Route is part of two circular routes combining Route 6B and Route 6A, and Route 6A and Route 8 respectively. The mentioned duration refers to the downhill course of Route 7. If you choose the uphill course, you should add 15 more minutes.