Route 5: Livadi- Megala Monastiria

Theme: Natural heritage

Pano Dromos

Connection with other routes: Route 3 and Route 6


Useful information:

“I grew up in Chorio at a house in the Castle. Each time we wanted to visit Agios Georgios, we were following the road to Livadia. At the junction of the road that leads to the beach and before you arrive at Agios Panteleimonas, we used to turn left and move towards Monastiria”. “Pano Dromos” was an old mule road that connected Chorio (Castle) with the settlement of Agios Georgios. “Kato Dromos” was along the seafront on the eastern side of the island. Following the “Pano Dromos” route and exploring its history, you will reach the Monastiria bay, where a wonderful beach can offer you the chance for a refreshing dive before continue your ascending to “Kakia Skala”!


Useful information:

It is recommended to combine Route 5 with Routes 6 and 6B (overall route duration: 3hr & 15 min). Though it is considered as a trail of Intermediate difficulty level, this integrated route will offer you the unique experience of how people of Antiparos used to travel on foot or by animals!

This route is also suitable for mountain biking and it is categorized as Easy. If this is the case, it is suggested that you should continue further to Routes 6 and 6B. Their level of difficulty is Intermediate and Easy respectively.