Route 2: Chorio – Pano  Psaralyki – Palia Alyki – Panagia beach

Theme: Natural heritage

Connection with other routes: Route 1


Short Description:

Along the Route 2, you will come across two wetlands included in the National Catalogue of small, insular wetlands under protection. These wetlands are covered permanently or temporarily by shallow waters (fresh water, brackish or sea water), where the groundwater soil offers the opportunity for aquatic vegetation to thrive. The first wetland you will encounter is called “Pano Psaralyki”, where the sea water is vaporized due to the wind and the heat of the sun. The remaining sea salt can then be collected. The second wetland, named as “Palia Alyki Lagoon”, contains sea water as the flat and sandy beach, along with strong sea currents, offers a direct connection to the sea. February 2nd is the World Wetlands Day and it remind us of both their ecological value and their contribution in life preservation!


Useful information:

The overall duration of the Route is 1 hr & 30 min forth and back, as it is the same trail that will get you back at the starting point. This trail is considered to be family-friendly and it can be combined with swimming at Panagia beach!