Great Explorers

Route 10: Cave of Antiparos - Apantima

Theme: Cultural heritage

Connection with other routes: Route 9


Short Description:

The Cave of Antiparos is closely linked to the history of the island since it was a significant attraction for many visitors since the Great Expeditions (18th - 19th century). During the years of piracy, it was used by the inhabitants as a refuge; hence it is called “katafygi” (refuge), I.e. shelter. All the engraved inscriptions found on the cave’s walls constitute an inexhaustible source of stories, legends and information for its famous – or not - visitors. The cave is well-known for the Europe's oldest stalagmite (45 million years old) as well as its rich lithomatic decoration.

People used to take this Route on mules up to 25 years ago and it was considered as a customary way. Nowadays, Agios Ioannis Spiliotis’ fest is still an existing custom that takes place on May 8th!

Useful information:

You can visit the Cave of Antiparos by the public bus (bus routes and the opening hours of the cave can be found on the ANTIPAROS ROUTES website).