The Iron Mines

Route 9: Cave - Hatzovounia - Profitis Ilias

Θεματική: Γεωδιαδρομή

Connection with other routes: Route 10 and Route 6A


Short Description:

Remnants of the abandoned iron mine are considered to be the main features of this Route, a mine that operated between 1890 and 1910 at this area. The extracted iron ore consisted of hematite, goethite and limonite. Hematite is named after its red colored tinge. It is used as a semi-precious stone, and in industrial processes as well. Goethite is named after the German poet, author and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, as Germany boasts an abundance of this mineral. The limonite has a distinctive yellow ocher color. Minerals embrace our everyday life and they are everywhere around us!

The mining activity that developed in the area has now been abandoned, while no protection measures have been taken and therefore you must be very careful! There are also remnants of auxiliary infrastructures, such as carved and paved roads, sheds and ramps for loading ore.

Useful information:

Following the dirt road to access the Route, you will meet a beehive alongside. Keep a safe distance from it and do not use any fragrances/aroma when following this route. Fragrances/aroma attract bees!