Route 11: Soros - Faneromeni

Theme: Georoute

Short Description:

The southern part of Antiparos consists of volcanic rocks, thus creating extraordinary geological formations. In the bay of Faneromeni, typical forms of cellular disintegration of volcanic rocks, known as “tafoni”, can be founded. “Tafoni” are formed by intense wind and chemical weathering. The most possible mechanism leading to their creation is when water dissolved salts enter the micro cracks of the rock. Water evaporation forms salt crystals that fill the empty spaces and exert tension on the interior of the rocks and therefore a part of the rock is being detached. After years of this mechanism taking place, the formed cavities are getting even larger. Furthermore, this part of Antiparos belongs to Natura 2000 (Europe’s protected Areas Network) entitled "Paros Islets and Southern Antiparos" under code No GR 4220025 (Special Protection Area).

In addition to the remarkable geodiversity and biodiversity offered in this route, you can also reach hidden beaches, by making short detours from its main axis, where you can enjoy a refreshing dive without being disturbed at all!


Useful information:

The route leads to the southernmost part of the island and from there you can turn back to Soros settlement. Thus, the overall route duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes.